No soup for you

Oh it’s Friday, and that is legitimately terrific this particular week. On Fridays, I close at the pharmacy, meaning I get in at 10:30 and close at 6:30. I was exhausted by close. Also hungry because I thought soup would be filling enough at lunch to last me till I got home. I got home, threw in a pizza and settled in with a beer.

I’m watching a great show on Netflix right now called “Orange Is the New Black”. Jason Biggs is in it and so is Laura Prepon, who I would marry without hesitation, but doubly so since she’s a lesbian in the show. The show is wild. Women’s prison is no joke. Those ladies be crazy.

At work today, I had the opportunity to see and run my first MTM. MTM, or Medication Therapy Management, is the new thing the APhA and idealistic pharmacists everywhere are pushing as the thing that will “revolutionize” retail pharmacy and propel the 21st century pharmacist as a “healthcare leader”. The idea is to have a face to face with a patient, go through their list of medications, make sure their meds match our records, make sure they know how to take everything including inhalers, etc., make sure they’re eating well, exercising, addressing unmet health concerns, etc. I spoke to a 79 year old woman today for 45 minutes going through everything. She had diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, hypothyroidism, asthma, and some backache. Despite all this, she was pretty well controlled in terms of her disease states, and actually sounded pretty with it on the phone. It was a genuine pleasure talking to her and it’s a level of patient care that pharmacists rarely ever actually see. It’s the kind of care usually seen by general practitioners (i.e. doctors). It felt nice. The problem with MTM, it still being in its infancy, is the issue of getting paid. MTM takes time. Besides the 45 min-1 hour that you’re with the patient, you spend an hour or two preparing in advance going through the patient’s med list. You then spend an hour or so afterwards inputting all the information you obtained from the interview into a website. This website is run by the insurance you’re billing to get reimbursed, at least in theory. I have yet to see a single pharmacy get a dime from MTM. Theoretically, a phone MTM costs $60 and an in person interview costs $100. This sounds great until you realize that you’re getting paid $100 not just for that hour, but for the rest of the time you spent as well. So it’s more like $100 for 3-4 hours of work, and I’m sorry, but that’s not worth it when a pharmacist makes $50/hr just doing their regular bullshit job of checking scripts.

Last night I got a little fancy: sea salt and cracked pepper crusted chicken and pasta tossed with garlic alfredo. Please excuse the nausea inducing halo and generally atrocious photography.

From sorrow to serenity, the truth is absolution


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