You awesome monarch, you man of dominance

Dinner was awesome tonight. I made some spinach salad with balsamic and gorgonzola cheese, basically a homemade clone of the same incredible recipe at the hospital (minus chopped walnuts and apple slices). Then I cooked up some of the sea salt and pepper chicken I made a few weeks back. And finally a little cookie cream pie for dessert. A three course meal and it took next to no effort. Cooking rules.

I’m having a good time with the lady friend. I’m reticent to affix any label to whatever it is we have, but I enjoy her company.

The rotation is nearly over and happily, I’m pretty certain I finally found a job for the next 6 weeks. It’s a dumb pharmacy job, but hey, it’s money. Imagine actually making money instead of just spending it every day. What a concept!


So a doctor hit on me the other day…

She called in a script on the phone for somebody.

As I take down the particulars, I ask, “What’s the office phone number?”

“xxx-xxxx. I’m actually calling from home. I’m in bed in my jammies.”



“No, it’s fine. I kinda wish I was there too.”

“Oh, so you’re saying you want to be at home in my bed?”


GTA V is out and it is pretty Goddamn great so far. You get to drive a tow truck WITH WINCH CONTROLS. Holy shit, Rockstar! Seriously though, I’m having a blast. The bank heists are great fun. And the soundtrack has “Still D.R.E.” on it, which is pretty much an instant win right there.

One more week of my rotation. Paperwork is mostly done. Just gotta cruise till the end.

“I was right before btw”
“When I said I think I might miss you”
That’s how you romance a lady. Pay attention fellas!

You’re a mountain that I’d like to climb

So I’ve got a job in the library now. I’m the guy people come to when they need a study room. So this guy ambles in and asks for a room. As I’m checking out the room, he notices my book.

“You like Mark Twain?”

“Oh yeah, I just started reading him. He’s pretty good. What about you?”

“Oh I don’t like him.”

“…Well I’m sorry to hear that [you awkward piece of shit]!”

I’m fascinated to know what his thought process behind initiating that exchange must have been. “He likes Mark Twain! What an asshole! I hate Mark Twain! Let me make sure that he’s not reading him ironically or something!”

Also, neat fun fact I came across in an issue of JAMA: you can get rabies from an organ transplant! In February, a guy died of rabies 18 months after a kidney transplant.

Here I am, there you are, on a wire connecting our hearts

Dinner went well. I didn’t set anything on fire. No one got food poisoning. We had a nice evening. We sat on the balcony for a while and waxed philosophical about God, religion, life goals and eventually shifted to relationships. We discussed dynamics and I asked her if she ever felt that elusive *click* with anyone, where two people just fit. She told me she hadn’t and asked me if I have. This led to me mentioning the ex briefly while my brain was screaming, “OH MY GOD SHUT UP YOU STUPID IDIOT! YOU’RE GOING TO BE ALONE FOREVER!” But we ended the night making out, so suck it, brain.

After a while on the balcony, we capped the evening off with the finest piece of cinema to grace my movie shelf: Mean Girls. 6 bucks in a discount DVD bin. SOLD!

So, I’m not in love. But I love making out. And human contact is important. So I’ll ride this thing out and see where it takes me.

No more words, just the sound of resplendent tongues colliding

Think I’ll have another glass of Mexican wine

Today is Friday the 13th and that must be some shit, because today felt like a Goddamn Monday at work. Just tedious bullshit and problems. First thing that met me at work was a stack of 10 transfers all for one guy. They were put in the other day but inaccurately, so I had to fix our records. Transfers poured in the rest of the day too.

One prescription was electronically sent to us for Targretin (bexarotene), a cancer drug used topically to treat lesions due to T-cell lymphoma. At first, insurance rejected the claim stating that the NDC (national drug code) was invalid. We didn’t have it in stock either. Checking our distributor, we couldn’t even order it. I called the distributor and  apparently it’s a specialty item, which CAN be ordered and drop shipped, but would be nonreturnable. Oh and it costs $3500. For a tube of 60gm gel. So we’re waiting to see if the guy wants it before ordering.

I still have loads of dumb paperwork to do for the rotation itself, so I tried to settle in with that tedious shit, but kept getting distracted with insurance issues, refill too soon overrides, prior authorizations, and yet more transfers. I was exhausted by day’s end and couldn’t be happier to sink into my couch with a bottle of Wolaver’s oatmeal stout.

Hospital lunch was very ambitious today: ravioli in a tomato pesto, served with a bed of spinach with balsamic, chopped walnuts, gorgonzola cheese and sliced apples. Honestly, the ravioli was the least interesting part of the meal. The spinach party was where it was at. I loved the sweet and salty contrast between the crisp apples and the tangy gorgonzola. The balsamic added its own sour element to the mix as well. And for $4.50, you almost couldn’t afford not to eat it.

As for work anecdotes, today I learned that the hospital employs a physician named Dr. Schmucker.

And when the lights go dim, he begins his grim rituals

Dinner, detailing, de Lirium’s Order

Second date lined up. I’m making dinner, which means that I have to do about 16 loads of laundry, vacuum the entire Goddamn place and otherwise make it look like I don’t live in a pigsty. Still, I guess life’s not too bad!

I met a woman today to discuss academic detailing, something my preceptor mentioned as an academic alternative to the medical liaison role. Academic detailers also educate physicians about disease states and even discuss nonpharmacologic treatments, but it’s a part time gig for most and they’re paid hospital pharmacist salaries, which aren’t millions by any means. So yeah, I’m not rushing to do this anytime soon; it was just nice to find out about another field.

One of my favorite bands out of Finland. The technicality here is mindblowing. I’m not sure what it is with Finland and metal. Must be something in the water.

Reise, Reise

The setup for how I got this morning’s date was funny. I looked at this girl’s profile a few days ago, nothing really jumped out at me, so I didn’t go any further. Then this girl looked at my profile a day later or so. So I sent this:

“Hey, I looked at your profile and you looked at mine! Clearly we have a kindred bond, so you wanna grab some coffee this weekend?”

3 minutes later… “Haha…it must be! I’d be down to grab some coffee! When’s a good time for you?”

WHAT. That worked?! I was joking!

So anyway, date #2 of the weekend was a big resounding MEH. Girl wasn’t bad looking, but her voice was really annoying. She works for a nonprofit that helps homeless with psychiatric disorders and somehow we got into a 25 minute discussion about treating psychiatric illness “holistically” (i.e. nonpharmacologically) vs. pharmacologically (i.e. medications). I love talking about drugs and medicine so it was an interesting discussion for me.

Later, we got on the topic of siblings and she mentioned how she always wanted a little sister. She told me a story from her childhood how during a soccer game, her mom promised that she would have a little sister if she scored a goal.

“…so what happened?!”

“Oh I didn’t score.”

“…that’s the saddest thing I’ve heard all week.”

I asked her what she was looking for at one point, since I’m tired of miscommunication bullshit and I think it’s important for two people to be on the same page about their wants. She just got out of a relationship and was feeling her way around dating, and I don’t need none of that noise! The worst thing about this girl, besides her stupid voice, is that she was just boring. No sense of humor and didn’t laugh at my jokes, which is pretty much the biggest turn off in the world (because I am fucking hilarious). Probably won’t be a second date, ha.