Fish don’t gots no good metals to listen to

Neat day at work today. Another guy came to me with penis related questions. (The last one was about a month back with a rash.) This one asked me if a triple antibiotic ointment was ok to put on a cut on his dick. I asked him how it got cut and he said he was “messing around with his girlfriend.” Really dude? The fuck are you doing with her? I get that teeth are sharp (God knows no one likes a toothy girl), but I’ve never had my dick sliced open before. I told him clean up the cut with some antiseptic, put the ointment on, cover the cut with a bandaid (since it’s a high friction area) and leave it alone. I was half smirking the entire Goddamn time. Counseling can be some real shit sometimes.

I also got to make some nifedipine ointment today, which isn’t much fun because the vehicle is Vaseline and that shit is just a pain to work with. I had to make almost a pound of the stuff. Nifedipine is a yellow powder so the final product resembles something like lemon merengue filling.

“Orange is the New Black” keeps getting better and better. Ugh, Laura Prepon.


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