You were my greatest failure

I made some “compounds” today. One was a vancomycin nasal spray, the other an omeprazole suspension. The vanco was really more of a reconstitution than an actual compound. I just like working with a needle and syringe. It’s kinda fun equalizing vial pressures. The omeprazole compound involved drawing up 120ml of sodium bicarbonate from vials and then opening up some omeprazole capsules and dumping the little drug containing pellets into the bicarb. Simple easy crap, but it beats counting pills.

The pharmacy staff, aside from the pharmacists, are all women. On the surface, they seem very chummy, but on two separate occasions I’ve had different girls come up to me in confidence and talk shit about “the people” or “some people” in the pharmacy. One even said she needs another job. I can actually sense the tension at times. Simple questions are treated as accusations and met with this weird resentment. It’s not like these women are all young either. The ages vary wildly from 20s to 50s. Ladies be crazy, I guess.

A little February throw back with Anberlin. I’ve come a looong way since I first heard this song.


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