Reise, Reise

The setup for how I got this morning’s date was funny. I looked at this girl’s profile a few days ago, nothing really jumped out at me, so I didn’t go any further. Then this girl looked at my profile a day later or so. So I sent this:

“Hey, I looked at your profile and you looked at mine! Clearly we have a kindred bond, so you wanna grab some coffee this weekend?”

3 minutes later… “Haha…it must be! I’d be down to grab some coffee! When’s a good time for you?”

WHAT. That worked?! I was joking!

So anyway, date #2 of the weekend was a big resounding MEH. Girl wasn’t bad looking, but her voice was really annoying. She works for a nonprofit that helps homeless with psychiatric disorders and somehow we got into a 25 minute discussion about treating psychiatric illness “holistically” (i.e. nonpharmacologically) vs. pharmacologically (i.e. medications). I love talking about drugs and medicine so it was an interesting discussion for me.

Later, we got on the topic of siblings and she mentioned how she always wanted a little sister. She told me a story from her childhood how during a soccer game, her mom promised that she would have a little sister if she scored a goal.

“…so what happened?!”

“Oh I didn’t score.”

“…that’s the saddest thing I’ve heard all week.”

I asked her what she was looking for at one point, since I’m tired of miscommunication bullshit and I think it’s important for two people to be on the same page about their wants. She just got out of a relationship and was feeling her way around dating, and I don’t need none of that noise! The worst thing about this girl, besides her stupid voice, is that she was just boring. No sense of humor and didn’t laugh at my jokes, which is pretty much the biggest turn off in the world (because I am fucking hilarious). Probably won’t be a second date, ha.


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