Dinner, detailing, de Lirium’s Order

Second date lined up. I’m making dinner, which means that I have to do about 16 loads of laundry, vacuum the entire Goddamn place and otherwise make it look like I don’t live in a pigsty. Still, I guess life’s not too bad!

I met a woman today to discuss academic detailing, something my preceptor mentioned as an academic alternative to the medical liaison role. Academic detailers also educate physicians about disease states and even discuss nonpharmacologic treatments, but it’s a part time gig for most and they’re paid hospital pharmacist salaries, which aren’t millions by any means. So yeah, I’m not rushing to do this anytime soon; it was just nice to find out about another field.

One of my favorite bands out of Finland. The technicality here is mindblowing. I’m not sure what it is with Finland and metal. Must be something in the water.


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