Think I’ll have another glass of Mexican wine

Today is Friday the 13th and that must be some shit, because today felt like a Goddamn Monday at work. Just tedious bullshit and problems. First thing that met me at work was a stack of 10 transfers all for one guy. They were put in the other day but inaccurately, so I had to fix our records. Transfers poured in the rest of the day too.

One prescription was electronically sent to us for Targretin (bexarotene), a cancer drug used topically to treat lesions due to T-cell lymphoma. At first, insurance rejected the claim stating that the NDC (national drug code) was invalid. We didn’t have it in stock either. Checking our distributor, we couldn’t even order it. I called the distributor and  apparently it’s a specialty item, which CAN be ordered and drop shipped, but would be nonreturnable. Oh and it costs $3500. For a tube of 60gm gel. So we’re waiting to see if the guy wants it before ordering.

I still have loads of dumb paperwork to do for the rotation itself, so I tried to settle in with that tedious shit, but kept getting distracted with insurance issues, refill too soon overrides, prior authorizations, and yet more transfers. I was exhausted by day’s end and couldn’t be happier to sink into my couch with a bottle of Wolaver’s oatmeal stout.


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