Here we go again

I had a feeling I may have been jinxing myself in the last post. I’ll explain. It all started with an ominous text earlier this afternoon: “So I really want to talk to you about something. Can I just come over after work, like 5:30? We don’t have to do dinner or anything, I just want to chat for a minute.”

Uh oh.

“Yeah sure, everything ok?”

“Yeah. I just want to talk about something.”

So she came over. As I was walking her back to my apartment, there already was an air of uneasiness. We went to my room and sat down on my bed.

“I don’t think we should keep seeing each other.”

I went “Oooof” because I knew what she was going to say before the words even left her mouth.

It’s a little weird being dumped in your own bedroom, and I had passing thoughts of torching the place, or at least the bed.

She kept saying, “I’m sorry” with this disgusting pity.

“It’s ok. I was never really that into you.” I could tell the words stung. I didn’t care.

She cited that we didn’t have as much in common as we may have initially thought, which is accurate. As I walked her to her car, she kept looking over at me.

“You look like you want to say something.”

[paraphrasing] “It’s just…people shouldn’t stay together just because of those lonely nights. We both deserve better.”

She’s right. My life in this town is winding down. If she hadn’t dumped me, I’d have dumped her eventually. This was a charade that we both knew had an expiration date. I never felt a sliver of the love and emotion that I felt for the last girl, who was my first. I kind of hung onto the faint hope that enough time spent together might spark those feelings again someday.

Of course now I get to go through that fun chore of awkwardly traipsing to your ex’s place to get your shit back. In this case, I left my slippers and phone charger. Oh life, you sadistic cunt. Back into the disgusting, rotting, fetid cesspool of dating I go. At least now I have an excuse to start blogging more often again!

Barring all this, we had a ton of awesome sex. I can proudly say I played with E cups, which will probably serve as the zenith of boobs in my life. The past 2 months were massive learning experiences for me, and that’s really the only lasting thing I can hope for from a relationship.


5 responses to “Here we go again

  1. I wish I could treat you to a whiskey in light of the unfortunate news. That sucks, and I seem to remember that she was the one who brought up the “are we a thing” state of the union address. I apologize on the behalf of women, I suppose we will never know what we want.

    In regards to whiskey, I’d get you a glass of pretty much any single malt from the Islay region. Almost anything from Islay will have a really smokey flavor to it- when trying a new kind I like to rub a little bit of it on the back of my hand to smell the leathery scent. Probably the manliest drink of the manly drinks I like.

    I know I’ve bought this one a couple times:

    (sorry I got kinda carried away, not many people to talk whiskey with :P)

    • Hey no worries! I’m a big scotch nerd and Islay’s my favorite region too. I think Lagavulin 16 is just peaty heaven in a glass, and Laphroaig 10 and Quarter Cask are outstanding as well. I honestly spend more time smelling the scotch in my glass than drinking it.

      Appreciate the sympathies, but this really didn’t have the foundation to be a tragedy in the first place. It’s really more an unpleasant situation that I have to deal with now. But I think that how I deal with it will determine if it continues to be unpleasant or not.

  2. well at least you can see the bright side of things, more blogging and learning from all this (: thats always an upside! on the downside… that definitely awkward asking of the stuff back. i left some shorts and (shamefully) panties at my ex’s and i was not asking for that back anytime soon! it is an awkward thing to say the least, but hey maybe it just wasnt meant to be and something better is coming (:

  3. Aw, Mike! Sorry, man. It sounds like you took it like a champ. You’re totally right-you both deserve better. Relationships suck. Dating sucks. Quite frankly, and I know I may go to hell for saying this, but if it weren’t for the fact that sex is SO good, I would stay single the rest of my life. I don’t even care. I’m standing by that statement. Onto the next one, dude. You did good.

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