Paint all your sorrow for me to sing

I’ve been told that in every relationship, there’s one person who loves the other more. I think this is often (if not always) true. In my last relationship, I loved that girl a million times more than she could love me. It made sense; she was my first. I was nuts about that girl and consequently, that breakup could be measured on the Richter scale. It’s scary devoting every ounce of your emotional energy into one person. She was my drug. I derived all happiness from her and when she left, I was a fucked up mess for months. And so that experience taught me to back off. To stop pouring all of yourself into another person. Because who wants to bear all that fucking pain again?

So here I think it was much the other way around. I think she liked me a lot more than I liked her. And maybe she felt that I wasn’t giving her my all. That I held back. I dunno. This is largely conjecture and I may get a more accurate picture when we do our “speak now or forever hold your peace” chat.


One response to “Paint all your sorrow for me to sing

  1. It’s so true. My friends always tell me to end up with someone who loves me more than I love them. And honestly, that’s the route I’m going. I can’t put all my energy into something that will just cave into itself eventually.

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