“I would like for us to continue to give each other orgasms.”

That’s all it took. We’re fucking and we’re free to see other people. Best breakup ever.

Let’s rewind. The past few days, I’ve been wondering if I wanted to arrange a friends with benefits situation. I’ve never done this before. But probably the worst part of a breakup is being cut off from sex. Our breakup was painless. There was no bitterness and no bad feelings. So why stop fucking? It made sense.

So this morning, I sent a text: “Hey, do you want to meet up for a coffee? I wanted to talk.”

Kind of cryptic, but this was something best broached in person. She was a little skeeved, but agreed.

When we met up, I didn’t tell her immediately. We got coffee and headed towards the water. And then I busted out that line, which I had worked out in my head since yesterday. Upfront, frank as hell, no bullshit. And it worked. She thought I was going to tell her that I gave her an STD, so she was ecstatic that that was all I had to tell her.

So yeah, I’ve got a nice situation going for now. Just two adults consensually fucking. From my understanding, fwb’s are volatile things and don’t last very long, but we’re on the same page and agreed that it would end the minute either of us started dating again.


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