Beauty is so crude contrite

Counseling, counseling, and more counseling.

I counseled an 80 year old woman for well over an hour yesterday about warfarin. I honestly lose track of time when I counsel patients. I thought we were only in there for about a half hour.

Today, I counseled a 97 year old woman. I went through medical reconciliation (med rec) with her. The idea of med rec is to see if our records reflect what the patient tells us about their meds. It’s also a good opportunity to see if the patient actually takes their meds and if they take them correctly. But anyway, this lady was incredible. 97 and she was sharp as a tack. She was totally on top of her meds and keeps them totally organized. Just the loveliest little old woman too. A total pleasure to talk to.

I’m enjoying this rotation so far. Counseling with people who give a fuck is deeply satisfying.


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