And her heart is weeping, this happiness is killing her

Big day tomorrow. I’m heading up a case conference about a patient with congestive heart failure. A lot of prep work and nerdy stuff but it should go alright. I’m actually the first to go of all the students on rotation this block so I’m getting it out of the way, which is nice.

I love the shit out of this entire album. It’s honestly a masterpiece. HIM is one of those guilty pleasures I’ve had since junior high. The music isn’t complicated. The lyrics aren’t terribly deep. In fact, a majority of them are some combination of “love”, “heart” and “death”. But that doesn’t matter. It’s 52 minutes of the catchiest, most infectious love songs. I honestly can’t even pick my favorite tracks. Digest this in your belly.


2 responses to “And her heart is weeping, this happiness is killing her

  1. I saw HIM in 2007 in Florida when I went to go see my favorite band Placebo. HE, er, HIM seemed to be on some kind of heavy drugs (or something) and all I remember was “Killing Loneliness” and something about butterflies. My Chemical Romance also played at this show but by that time they were pretty annoying; though now I’d admit that their older stuff is one of my guilty pleasures. Just so dang snappy.

    • Ah yeah, “Wings of a Butterfly”. That was off of Dark Light. It wasn’t a bad album, but it was even goopier than usual, and that’s saying a lot. I never did get into MCR, who I guess broke up earlier this year.

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