Burial at Sea

There’s not much new going on right now, short of future work stuff I’m reticent to write about, so I’ll talk about a vidjagame.

Yes, I’ve been playing the new DLC for Bioshock: Infinite. I balked when I first saw the price ($14.99), especially considering it’s only the first of two episodes planned. But the devs also offered all the DLC in a bundle, what they call a Season Pass, for $19.99. $10 a piece per DLC is a lot more reasonable, so I did it. Worth it. This DLC is incredible. I never played the original Bioshock, so I never got to experience the underwater city called Rapture. It’s really breathtaking. The game is set in the 50’s, so you’re met with the fashion of the time. Old timey advertising is everywhere. Neon lights illuminate department stores. It’s a really delightful retro throwback.

The dialogue and story is what draws me to Bioshock more than anything, including the gameplay. The game switches from calm and tranquil during exploratory moments to frenetic and insane during core gameplay, which consists of shootouts with crazed Rapture citizens addicted to plasmids. Plasmids bestow different powers to users ranging from shooting lightning, fire, and ice, to possessing people and lifting them in the air for a while. I don’t hate the gameplay, but I infinitely prefer exploring the detail laden world, listening to character dialogues, and unraveling the plot.

It’s games like this which champion the cause that videogames can be art, can have a story to tell and a message to deliver.


I’m gonna parrot on about this hospital’s food. I can’t get over how good this shit is. I don’t understand why sick people would even want to get better. Why would you want to be away from this?! I tried the yogurt this morning. Fresh ass, vanilla yogurt. (They also have maple and lemon.) It’s plain yogurt so you have to sweeten it yourself, and there’s granola, and there’s cinnamon. Oh my God. It’s like a Parisian orgy in your mouth. And all the weirdest shit is happening.


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