And the world is sliding away in a vortex of floating refuse

Gojira concert last night! HOLY SHIT. What a wild show. My neck hurts and I still have a ringing in my ears. Their set list was spectacular. They played stuff from pretty much every album, from “Remembrance” (which has one of the most memorable outro drum rhythms I’ve ever heard) to my personal favorite “Vacuity”. I always try to get as close as possible to the stage at shows but this show was the first time I managed to be front and center. I was 5 feet from the stage and at one point, I fist bumped Joe Duplantier. I think I know what teenage girls must have felt like at an N’Sync concert.

Some fuckhead kept yelling “OUIIIIIIIIIII” in my Goddamned ear after every song while another one yelled “Merci!”. Who the fuck thanks the band after they finish playing a song? It doesn’t even make sense. You “WOO” or “YEAH”, you throw up the horns, and you shut the fuck up. That’s the etiquette.

I do mildly worry about the hearing damage I do to myself, but I figure that by the time it becomes a problem, human ears will have become replaceable anyway. SCIENCE.

This song is about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and it’s metal as fuck.


8 responses to “And the world is sliding away in a vortex of floating refuse

  1. \m/ I haven’t been to a great metal show in a long time. I cannot even remember the specific date.

    The last one I clearly remember was Every Time I Die, Dillinger Escape Plan, and Killswitch Engage. The one before that was amazing, and it included: Fear Factory, Walls of Jericho, and Mastadon. Not too many of my friends listen to metal.

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