Music and junk

Let’s take a break from my talk about getting over dumb girls and talk about music. I think it’s really neat to compare covers and originals. Let’s sample some.

Ah, Metallica’s classic 1986 album “Master of Puppets.” This album holds its own as one of the greatest albums in metal history. It was the last album they would record before Cliff Burton’s death. “Disposable Heroes” is a blistering thrash classic. Hammett’s tone is dirty. Hetfield is young and angry.

And here we have Chimaira covering this song. It pays homage to the original, and adds Chimaira’s metalcore flavor to the mix. Hunter’s barks are absolutely brutal. Rob Arnold, who cites Hammett as one of his inspirations, fucking kills this cover. He nails every one of Hammett’s solos with loving accuracy. I kind of waver between which of these versions I like best, and that’s about the best compliment Chimaira could get.

I am a huge Foo Fighters fan, so I’m a little biased. Their cover just has so much energy. I’ve got huge respect for Paul McCartney, but I really do prefer the Foos cover.

Another legendary album. “Abbey Road” was The Beatles’s last great album (“Let It Be” was probably the only disappointment in their entire discography). I first listened to this album around age 10. It was my first Beatles album and it’s been my favorite since. “Come Together” is an energetic opener for this giant of an album that alternates between calm and fun. I love how Harrison’s outro solo alternates with Lennon’s vocals.

This cover is wild. Steven Tyler infuses the funk that Aerosmith had back in the 70’s before they got grungy towards the 90’s. Joe Perry’s one of my favorite guitarists and he throws such soul into this cover. I love all the little licks and solos he throws around. It’s a cover that stays recognizable but isn’t a boring note for note replica.

Yup! One of the biggest songs of the late 90’s. I was in the 4th grade when this song blew up. I have a clear memory of being in Israel visiting my grandparents and I was somehow listening to this song. Vacation song associations are weird. I associate RHCP’s “Scar Tissue” and Christina Aguilera’s “Genie in a Bottle” with a cabin vacation about 14 years ago. I digress.

Oh man. This is a B-side FoW released on “Out-of-State Plates,” a dual album compilation of unreleased songs. This cover eclipses the original for me by miles. There’s actual emotion. I can actually see a heartbroken guy serenading his girl with this. I’d be lying if I said this song didn’t cut me deep during my last breakup. Oops, there we go with the breakups again.

There’s lots of other covers out there that are fun to compare (e.g. “Better Things” written by The Kinks and covered by Fountains of Wayne), but these are some of the notables ones that come to my mind. Throw some examples my way if you have any!


One response to “Music and junk

  1. Umm Come Together has to be probably one my favorite Beatles songs. Great list of covers!

    I saw Metallica at Bonnaroo a few years ago. I don’t really listen to them, but I knew a few songs and figured this moment wouldn’t ever happen again for me so I got pretty close (seeing as how many hippies don’t really like them haha). They put on a stellar performance. I was impressed.

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