Business time

Long fuckin’ day, guys. Interviews were going to be scheduled today at 12. I knew that people would be there early, so I got my ass up at 6am and got to the convention center at 7:30 to be met with this:

That line extends about 50 feet. I eventually found that I was 117th in line. That means that 116 people got here before 7:30. One dude who was 68th got there at 7:00. Apparently, #3 in line was there at 5am. I really have no words. 117th wasn’t even half bad considering over 400 people came today. Even being 117th, I got all my interviews with the companies I wanted, 4 of which were today, and 7 of which are tomorrow.

I’d like to think the interviews went generally well. One question that caught me off guard was: “If you had to choose a drug that best describes you, what would it be?” What the fuck?! What an oddball question. I actually had to think about this one. I mean, you can’t say Viagra. “My attention is as erect as a boner!” After some thought, I went with Adderall. My reasoning? I’m very excitable and I tend to get very focused on projects, which Adderall helps with! BOOM. Nailed it.

After the last interview was over, I left the exhibit hall and loudly exhaled. Then I went to get some much deserved dinner.

BOOOOOOOOOOM. Garlic butter and white wine mussels with a dram of Lagavulin. Holy fucksticks I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed food this much.

Tomorrow’s another long ass day with my 1st interview at 8 and my last one at 4:30. Afterwards, I have just one more 1st round interview on Monday and then hopefully the 2nd round interviews start.


2 responses to “Business time

    • Thanks! Today was a metric shit-ton of interviews. It’s funny, another girl mentioned how she’s shocked that I didn’t get any 2nd round interviews yet just because of the confident way I carry myself. I dunno what to think of that. All I can really do at this point is wait. It’s like applying to grad school all over again!

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