A stubborn heart remains unchanged

Inter..net. I’m exhausted. 7 interviews today drained the fuck out of me. Still, a few interviews went really really well in my opinion. I think today’s batch went significantly better than yesterday’s too because I got more interviewing experience under my belt.

One company had hilarious questions. These included:

1. “What is your spirit animal?” I wasn’t too sure about this one. According to the Chinese calendar, I was born in the year of the snake and I was obsessed with snakes as a kid, so I said snake. That may not have landed as well as I would have hoped.

2. “If you could have one superpower what would it be?” Mind control. Definitely.

3. “If you could choose to switch lives with one person alive or dead, who would it be?” Wow, what a doozy. I had to think about this one. After some contemplation, I said, “Pierce Brosnan.” The interviewer was cracking the fuck up saying how out of left field that answer was. I mean come on, Pierce Brosnan is the fuckin’ man. That guy need only look at a woman to make her drenched panties drop. Plus, he’s my favorite Bond and I grew up with his movies. Also fun fact: he’s actually Irish and his Irish accent is possibly even more suave than his English one.

4. “There is a zombie apocalypse and you can have one thing. What would it be?” Time machine. Everybody says “machete” and that’s just boring. Effective, but not creative. Time machine just tumbled out of my mouth. To quote my interviewer: “You win.”

5. “If you had to eliminate one state entirely, what would it be?” Wow, getting political here! Gotta be careful not to offend anyone’s sensibilities here. I went with Montana because I figure there are more cows than people and it would involve the least amount of collateral damage. Neither of the interviewers were from Montana. But they both said that they would now Google Montana to find out what that state is actually known for.

So I got a totally great vibe from these guys and the company is actually pretty interesting too.

The other company just had a great interview because I had prior rapport with one of the people who work there and I just felt overall good chemistry. Fingers double crossed about hearing from these guys because I would love to work here.

With no 2nd round interviews offered as of yet, I’m sitting with one more 1st round interview left tomorrow afternoon. And that’s it. It’ll be weird waking up tomorrow whenever and getting some breakfast at Denny’s when the last 2 days have been packed with back to back interviews. Hm. Here’s hoping for some developments.


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