I got a new computer and a bright future in sales

I got a 2nd round interview offer the other day! I had the 2nd round interview this morning! It’s at a really interesting company. I’d say more but I’m not at liberty because the internet is far too transparent for that kind of bullshit. Anyway, YES. Things are actually progressing. Now I have to do their online application schtick, get 3 letters of recommendation in asap before their deadline at the end of the month and then sit fingers crossed waiting for an onsite interview.

Speaking of internet transparency, I had a chilling thought the other day. My Twitter, though largely non identifying, can be pulled up with a simple Google search of my name, which employers all have. Hooooooly shit. I made that shit private quicker than a teenager shutting his laptop after hearing someone knock. I tweet dumb shit and though I keep it vague, I don’t need employers judging me on it. I always laughed at private Twitter accounts because it literally defeats the purpose of Twitter and social media, but I actually have a legitimate reason here. Guess I’ll have to abandon my dreams of being a Twitter superstar with a million followers.


3 responses to “I got a new computer and a bright future in sales

  1. Aww yay! Congrats on your job prospect. It sounds intimidating to me, but you seem to be well equipped to handle the craziness!

    Shit, man. I still have a twitter that I don’t use. Dammit. Deleting now….

    • Don’t worry about your Twitter. Unless you were ever dumb enough (like me) to have your real name on Twitter, it wouldn’t be an issue. Google has a nasty habit of archiving your internet “footprints,” so that even after you change things like display names, that “footprint” still exists.

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