Redheads, blondes, brunettes

I’m sitting in Dulles International Airport in Washington, D.C., an airport I remember sitting in about a year ago, heartbroken and listening to “Let It Die” by the Foo Fighters. It’s otherwise a fine airport. As I flew in, I saw breathtaking views of the Washington Monument and the Capitol.

I’m pretty bummed about leaving Florida. The weather was flawless. I felt an awful chill as I was walking off the plane in D.C. that reminded me that this was no longer the tropical paradise I had lived in for 5 days.

Last night was a great time. The TL;DR version was: I met a redhead, a blonde bought me a drink, and a brunette taught me The Wobble.

I met up with a few girls from my class and we went to the City Walk at Universal. We went to The Groove first and immediately I could tell this wasn’t my kind of place. I fucking hate clubs. I know, I’m as surprised as you are. A scotch sipping misanthrope like me not liking the club scene? It’s true. You couldn’t hear anything. The drink wait was literally 20-25 minutes. I paid $15 for 2 drinks. My favorite part about clubs is that the drinks are served in plastic cups, and I can’t think of anything better to drink whiskey out of. The experience could only be improved if perhaps the bartender gargled your drink first. After about an hour of listening to shitty club “hits”, I told my entourage that I was heading out.

Outside, I saw a cute redhead sitting by what I described as the phone charging and foot relief station. She was massaging her feet wrapped in black heels that could easily be registered as weapons. We got to chitchatting, and walked up to the Coconut Cafe where she introduced me to her friends. Her blonde friend bought me a drink. Then I got to chitchatting with a brunette from part of the same crew. After a few minutes, she said that she wanted to go dance to “The Wobble”. I said, “You’re gonna have to teach me.” As I came to learn, the dance mostly just involves shaking your ass. She said I was a natural. Ahem.

Oh well, back to the cold. Liquor helps.

This song is just beautiful.


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