2013: A Year In Review

2013 was a bipolar year. I spent the first quarter of it crawling out of a depression from a breakup late last year. Throughout the spring and summer, I went on a handful of dates with pretty girls that didn’t go anywhere. Each date did at least teach me about the importance of communication and how shitty two strangers can be at it.

Earlier in the year, I met a bombshell of a brunette in a coffee shop who gave me her number, texted me for a while and then stopped. It turned out she was in a relationship. So that contributed to some bewilderment. To ladies in relationships, don’t do this. Don’t give strange dudes your number if you’re committed to boning someone.

A few months later, I found a rolled up slip of paper in a coffee shop wall with a girl’s number on it, which led to a fun few days of texting and an enlightening discussion about male/female dynamics.

Towards the end of May, I met a girl at a party and decided to ask her out. So began an important few weeks in my life with Flaky Girl. Though it didn’t go anywhere, she was the first real date I went on since the big breakup and she really helped me pull myself together.

In July, I went on a date with a girl from Staten Island. We went for a walk in the park and ended up lost on a golf course in the middle of the night. It was pitch black and the only source of illumination around us were fireflies. Yeah, awww. Cool girl, although I just could not take her accent seriously. It felt like I was dating somebody from The Jersey Shore. Ridiculous.

My dating life was relatively quiet for the next few months while I was on rotation back home, though I did run into a gorgeous Polish girl I went to high school with. She’s gotten impossibly hotter since. Like DEFCON 1 hot. I honestly couldn’t get a damn word out of my mouth at the Starbucks. I felt like I was 16 years old all over again.

After getting back home, I met the girl I’d eventually go on to date for a few months. She was important. She was the first girl I ever cooked for. She was the first girl I ever took out for dinner, drinks, and a movie. She was the first one with who I ever sat on a porch, sipping tea and reading a newspaper.

Dating aside, I began to cook more for myself. Cooking in general has been a slow metamorphosis for me. I first started living on my own in late 2010 and my diet largely consisted of TV meals and McDonald’s. By 2011, I slowly started making bacon, eggs, and toast for breakfast and pasta for dinner. I also made a lot of frozen skillet meals, which were simultaneously easy to make and contained about a pound of salt per serving. 2013 was the year I branched out to start making raw stuff. I started slow, by buying frozen, raw and pre-seasoned chicken. And then recently, I actually cooked raw pre-seasoned/marinated tilapia and raw salmon for the first time. I was pretty proud of myself for not giving myself food poisoning. In time, maybe I’ll start seasoning raw stuff myself. Baby steps.

Through my rotations at school, I met a ton of new people this year. I learned how to communicate more effectively. I think I’m much more relaxed when talking to new people and I’m able to get organic conversations flowing easier.

I spent a lot of time this year in my own head, sorting out thoughts and skeletons, wondering about this and that. I came up with lots of theories, many that I’ve amended numerous times. Our pasts don’t leave us. Even though people will walk out, their ghosts remain. Sometimes, that can be difficult to live with. Coping with memories is an important skill to have for the sake of your own emotional health and 2013 gave me a ton of practice.

So there it is. 2013 in a nutshell. Here’s to a few more weeks of it and here’s to 2014.


3 responses to “2013: A Year In Review

  1. Excellent review of the year… I like what you said about how people can leave but their ghosts remain. Damn if that isn’t true. But being able to survive memories is how we make it through this life… So, huzzah for 2014!

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