The “dog” is taxation and the “bone” is reform

Inter…net. I’m sitting in a Starbucks on a cold December day, sipping on a gingerbread latte, and I can positively feel the spirit of Christmas coursing through my veins. Or possibly just a ton of sugar and caffeine. I have a few more days left of this rotation. I have a 20 minute presentation about hospice care tomorrow that’s currently only halfway written. Last night, I applied for a paid internship at a pharmaceutical company. It’s extremely exciting and now all I can do is put on a fresh pair of Depends and not shit my pants in suspense.

My brain is swimming with thoughts of this girl. This fucking girl who I’m inexplicably still connected with on social media for the sake of cordiality. I can see her Goddamn green circle on my Facebook chat window and it eats at me. There is no reason I shouldn’t just cut these ties like I did with the last one, and yet it almost feels like I’d be the immature one if I did that. Like I would “lose.” Fuck that noise. I thought this breakup would be different from the last and that we might stay in contact. NOOOOPE. I’m ignoring her just like the last one. Even if there are no outright bad feelings immediately post breakup, being cognizant of the fact that someone you used to fuck chose to fuck someone else (EVEN THOUGH YOU BOTH AGREED THAT WOULD BE FINE) causes bad feelings all on its own. It honestly all just boils down to not having your own steady supply of mutual orgasms. Again, fuck all of that noise both vertically and horizontally. I’ve got a date on Friday with a girl who speaks French and works in a bakery.

Lots of complex metaphors in this song.


4 responses to “The “dog” is taxation and the “bone” is reform

  1. Your professional life seems to really be going great! Now you just need a lady on the arm to share all the success with. You’ll get there. At least it ended before it really began you know? I think I’d rather have it that way.

    Good luck on your date :-)

  2. More reasons the superficial social media sucks, but good for you for wanting to hold up your end of the “let’s be nice and friends” end of the deal.

    I hate break ups no matter how severe. It is almost enough to make one not want to date ever again. Almost. And then you get lonely enough and fall for the bait. Anyways, what I’m trying to say is: I completely understand your mix of feelings and/or possible frustration. Allowing other people into your life is such a mess.

  3. Absolutely love the italicized “bakery” you used there! And ugh, breakups are hard. I find it easier to go totally cold turkey, no contact or reminders. Makes things easier to forget, at least for me…

    • Yeah, no contact is how I handled the last breakup. I thought maybe I could be above that this time, but no contact really is best. Doesn’t necessarily make it easier to forget in the short term, but at least you don’t have reminders of them dancing in front of you constantly.

      Luckily, Facebook has made some great advances in erasing all traces of somebody without having to actually unfriend/block them.

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