We can get Frankie Muniz attached!

My Christmas started off with a quest to find breakfast since I’m an idiot and the only things in my house were oatmeal cream pies, 6 month old Ben and Jerry’s and canned soup dating back to Obama’s first term. It being Christmas, everything was shut save for McD’s and a gas station minimart. Settling on the minimart, I figured I’d get gas as well since I’ve been running on fumes the past few days. Naturally, my fuel lid was frozen shut. After some creative excavating with a credit card, I got it loose. Later on, I went and did the most stereotypical thing Jews do on Christmas, which is get Chinese and go to the movies. Oddly enough, I did all this with a non Jewish buddy. We went to go see “The Wolf of Wall Street”, another spectacular Scorcese film. Leo fucking killed it as usual. I’ve never heard of Margot Robbie before this film, but she is easily one of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood.

I’ve finished the second season of American Horror Story and wow. It is just staggeringly good. For those who haven’t watched it, thar be (mild) THPOILERS ahead. It starts to get a little out there with the aliens, who are still largely unexplained, but everything else is just outstanding. Lobotomies, exorcisms, and electroconvulsive therapy are just a few of the delightfully insane things that go on in the mental asylum featured in this season. The whole Bloodyface plotline is stunning. Although Lana’s son got what was coming to him, I wondered if that was the most fitting conclusion. I also think the way Dr. Arden went out was possibly the single most fitting way for a Nazi to go out; every SS member should have been cremated alive.

I think one of the most admirable things about the show is how adaptable the cast is to such wildly different characters. It’s really neat to see familiar faces in completely different roles. Evan Peters goes from playing a terrifying school shooting sociopath in season 1 to an innocent New England man accused of murder in season 2. Dylan McDermott goes from a loving father in the first season to a raving serial killer in the second season. Zachary Quinto, of course, plays a gay man who was drowned in the first season and transitions into one of the most unsettling serial killers I’ve ever seen portrayed in the second season. I think Frances Conroy alone had 2 or 3 different accents throughout the first two seasons, first playing the slutty maid, then the Angel of Death, and then an inmate.

Also, I reveled in the fact that I sat down to watch the Christmas themed episode on Christmas day. It was completely coincidental and nothing says Christmas like a deranged murderer in a Santa suit killing families around the tree.

I’m driving home in a few days to spend New Year’s with my family before driving up to Saratoga Springs, NY, where I’ll spend a 6 week rotation in a compounding pharmacy. It’ll be a new experience in a new town and I’m rather looking forward to it.

The reason I post this (hysterical) sketch is because Brian Sacca, of the webseries “Pete and Brian”, actually played a minor role in “The Wolf of Wall Street” and I was just blown away when I recognized him on screen.


One response to “We can get Frankie Muniz attached!

  1. I had to skip the last half of your post because I haven’t seen American Horror Story but am told I should. I also saw Wolf of Wall Street on Christmas Day– pure madness, such a good movie…. made me satisfied with my simple life though.

    Also: remember the food thing for next year. It took me 9 years of sad christmases to remember to go buy snacks the day before ;)

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