Give me the strength to return the breath you’ve stolen

I shook hands with a killer the other day. I’m not sure how many people get to say they’ve done that.

So this guy came in to clean the windows for the place and I’m told the staff know him pretty well. After listening to him talk for all of 20 seconds, I could tell he was 5 kinds of nuts. He was just a weird dude with some clear psychiatric issues going on and there was absolutely medication he needed to be on that he wasn’t on. Today, I learned that he killed his father 30 some years ago.  There was a confrontation between the father and mother wherein he defended her and shot his abusive father with his own gun. For this, he served 3 years. Holy shit! That’s the kind of shit you see in movies and television. That kind of shit doesn’t happen in real life.

It kind of made me wonder how many of us have unwittingly shook hands with strangers who have killed somebody. Who knows what kind of dark shit people hide that you have no earthly idea about?


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