Anna Kendrick?

I think I had a dream I was dating Anna Kendrick the other night. At the very least, I was dating a girl who looked very similar to Anna Kendrick. Seeing as I would totally date Anna Kendrick in real life, I took this as a sign that we’ll totally be married one day.

It was an interesting morning for me. Deep in the bowels of my Gmail archives (thanks to its storage, I’ve never deleted a single email) are emails from 2012 containing pictures my ex sent. One was from a photo shoot. Others were of us together. I hadn’t looked at these for well over a year now and told myself for awhile that I wouldn’t because I wasn’t sure I could take it. But I’m glad I did. I only felt good things and I only remembered the happiness. Love morphs in interesting ways and I’m just relieved that it can still bring happiness even after almost interminable sadness.


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