This is a reblog of something almost a decade old. Now that I’m 25 (and not 15), it serves to further emphasize how important it is to wait until you get married, before you get saddled with a human being that you despise.

Existentialists R Us

The following is an excerpt sent to me by a friend just the other day. I find it sad, funny, depressing, and hilarious all in strange combination. Do peruse it.

So I’ve had about all I can stand. How is it marriage allows you to take someone sexually hostage? Where the fuck do women get off dictating what is an appropriate amount of sex? You say you just have too much going on and it’s not a priority but get your feelings hurt when you get cheated on, sorry not feeling the compassion like I should I guess.
Let me paint a picture. I mostly normal, professional, successful, kind, generous, blah blah blah. I am in my second marriage. The first was as much my fault as hers but one theme that held true was the drastic drop off in sex. What gives?

I have seen the scenario unfold many…

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  1. I totally started reading this last week at work and my mouth was almost to the ground. I FINALLY remembered to finish it and…Woah. Fucking woah.

    I think these sorts of things happen to both men and women. Men can go from being the most affectionate, caring, attentive boyfriends to blind, deaf, and completely insensitive. And women, well, *please see Mike’s post* LOL

    I don’t think I could ever be like that. There has to be some warning signs or red flags that a woman would end up that way that maybe lust hid from the dude for so long.

    Anyways, my love for fucking will never go away. What is the matter with her? lol

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