Late night, brakes lock, hear the tires squeal

I’m back at the hospital again for 6 weeks. On Friday, I’m presenting a 30 minute talk about antibiotic resistance and the use of daptomycin. I’ve yet to begin working on it as I’m still poring over the literature.

In food news: I can now competently make steaks. 10 man points for me. Moreover, I got into a sandwich mood a few days ago and decided to replicate a sandwich I massively enjoyed while in Saratoga. The sandwich was thus: baguette, turkey, Brie, honey mustard, lettuce and tomato. It is a staggeringly good sandwich. So at the grocery store I checked off 3 firsts: purchasing Brie, lettuce, and a tomato. The tomato cost $1.84 and I don’t know about you guys, but that’s kind of a lot for a fucking tomato. I can buy a bag of Tostitos the size of a toddler for like 4 bucks. Still, I am a professional chef and I need professional ingredients. Brie is delicious and I don’t know why I don’t buy it more often, but I will. Lettuce is weird. I wanted to buy a bag of shredded lettuce because you can’t just buy a leaf of lettuce; you have to buy a whole fucking “thing” of it. (An “ear” of lettuce? A “bough”? A “bunch”?) Whatever the term is, a thing of lettuce cost $1.49, which isn’t much, but it pretty much starts wilting as you’re leaving the store with it. I will never eat even half of the value of that lettuce before it rots on me.

In any case, my sandwich clone was fucking great.

I’ve recently been getting into gourmet salsas. While I was in Saratoga, I tried Mrs. Renfro’s line of salsas. Their green jalapeno salsa is good and their habanero is even better. But recently, I came across their ghost pepper salsa. The ghost pepper, for the uninitiated, is the hottest pepper in the world. And although this salsa contains jalapenos and green chilies, and ghost peppers are last on the list of ingredients, it still doesn’t fuck around. My mouth burned for a solid 15-20 minutes after I stopped eating it. It also came back with a vengeance the next day.

Really really like this song. I used to listen to Thrice years back in high school, and I associate the band with a particularly crazy girl I liked back then. I even had a badass Thrice shirt and I’m pretty sure I went to see them live once (with said crazy girl).


6 responses to “Late night, brakes lock, hear the tires squeal

  1. Tomatoes are expensive, and it’s shocking. Perhaps the cost, when you compare it to Tostitos and other not-so-healthy food, defers customers from actually opting for the fresh option. No wonder the chain restaurants can look appealing.

    However, you do have to consider supply and demand. Oh, I could go on a tangent, and it would include supporting local farms and our country’s products, but I’ll stop. Haha.

    Keep cooking, and welcome to the world of steak.

    • Oh I asked someone minutes after that post went up, but an “ear of lettuce” amused me far too much to take down.

      Moreover, that’s one fucked up looking head! I understand a head of cabbage cause it’s circular, but this is some Herman Munster looking shit.

  2. Buying lettuce by the leaf should totally be a thing, and you’d think they’d make a killing. I’d probably spend 25 cents on a single lettuce leaf which is an incredible markup if a whole bag of its nearly $2.

    I remember packing a picnic for the boyfran and I when we were going hiking, maybe 2 months into dating. I wanted to be super impressive even though it was just sandwiches, dip, fruit, and beer (of course). That picnic set me back like $89. There were lots of things rotting in my fridge afterwards.

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