Changes. I hate changes. I like stability, and my life has anything but at this particular moment.

On Monday, I’m leaving and moving back home. I’m leaving the state, I’m leaving my apartment, my way of life, and my friends.

My buddy left for Ohio this morning to start his new life at his new job. He helped me clear out most of my bedroom yesterday, which was mainly my bed and desk. The room is so empty, I can actually hear my echo in it. It’s downright depressing. On another note, I fucking hate moving. It is honestly awful. I wish teleportation existed, so I could just throw things into a whirling black vortex and they would come out the other side in the location of my choice.

Probably worst of all though, I’m leaving the loving, doting girl I’ve been spending nearly every waking moment with for the past month or so. Yeah, that’s definitely the worst part. I’ve never been with a girl that liked me this much. It’s nice. We took a trip to Montreal last weekend and had a blast. We walked for hours and ate otherworldly delicious food. I talked my head off at the locals in my broken high school French and actually managed to get by quite well considering I haven’t felt the obligation to think French in at least 7 years. We got close very quickly. After only a few weeks, we were already spending every night together. This breakup won’t be easy on her. I promised her that we’d keep in touch. How realistic that’ll be remains to be seen. I’ll miss this girl.

I suppose it isn’t all bad though. I graduated a couple weeks ago. I’m a doctor now, which feels weird to say. I’m also leaving for Israel in a matter of weeks, which should be incredible.


Daily Prompt: Powerful Suggestion

What’s the one piece of advice you wish someone had given you a year (or five, or ten…) ago?

I can’t pick one, so I’ll list a few that have been meaningful in my recent life :

  1. Stop thinking so Goddamn much. Wishful thinking in all probability, but the less I get in my own head, the better.

  2. Embrace rejection. Part of being a human being is learning to get over rejection and get out there again. The faster, the better.

  3. Learn to communicate. One of the biggest things I stress in any relationship. Generally, people are fucking awful at communicating.

  4. Don’t judge others by their life experiences. Everyone has baggage and everyone is fucked up. Everyone’s life experiences are formative and make them who they are.

Look guys, I cooked!


Damn this was good. Also the first time I’ve ever bought asparagus. I bought a few slices of deli bacon (the tasty fresh stuff, not the packaged stuff). Prep was super easy. I drizzled the stalks in oil, sprinkled some pepper on them, wrapped them in bacon and stuck them in the oven at 400 for 20 minutes.

I have a nice tasty appetizer under my belt now to make for future dinners. Next time, maybe I’ll try wrapping them in prosciutto!