And so I quit the police department

Cool date, y’all! This mom I’d like to date (MILD) not only used to strip, but is also a model! That’s three things I get to check off the fucket list. I feel a bit like Richard Gere in Pretty Woman. On a slightly more serious note, I didn’t have high expectations for this one but was pleasantly surprised. Maybe something will happen with this one.

She said she’d always been a dancer
She worked at fifteen clubs a day

I see you standing by the sea, the waves you made will always be

The Chili Peppers are a phenomenal band and their career has spanned numerous incredible albums, but “By The Way” is my favorite. It’s just the most consistently good album they’ve made; there’s nary a song on here I would skip. The only other album I can say that for is “Blood Sugar Sex Magik”.

We all want to tell her
Tell her that we love her
Venice gets a queen
Best I’ve ever seen
We all want to kiss her
Tell her that we miss her

Turning the clocks back a bit here. This song is still absolutely staggering.

Existentialists R Us

As I was ordering my coffee, one of the girls working at Muddy’s put on a song I hadn’t heard before. The melody was sweet and I asked her what it was. “Kings of Convenience,” she replied. The lyrics hit me and of course I had to go look them up on SongMeanings (as I do with every Goddamn song I ever listen to anymore).

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