You can’t hug a rolling stone

This is pretty much online dating. I could make a clever caption to this like, “I need this woman in my life. No more waisting time” or “Hey mom and dad, meet my fiancee” but I’m honestly just too depressed.

22 year old stripper mom (SM) texted me the other day. This is a portion of our conversation:
Me: It’s a good book. You read much?
SM: Noo but I use too…ive just been soo crazy busy lately. What book?
Me: It’s a book by Kurt Vonnegut. You should find some time again. Reading’s sexy
SM: Lol reading not sexy to me. Im sorry. I perfer out doorsie things. Meaning active ya know.
Me: They’re not mutually exclusive activities.
SM: Hmm I c.

All spelling mistakes here are unedited. The words “mutually exclusive” were the biggest words I have ever texted this girl and, judging by “Hmm I c,” I’m genuinely convinced she has no idea what they mean.


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