Internet, I’m going to write you some words. Words that aren’t poetry, anyway. How about that poetry, huh? It started a little over a month ago with a phrase in my head. That phrase turned into a poem. And then that poem turned into a few more. It’s been a lot of poems since. They feel good. I haven’t written poetry in a very long time and I like it. It’s a creative outlet for all the dogs barking in my head. It lets me get the shit I say to myself in my head out in the real world, so that it’s physical, it exists. It becomes like a fossil record. At any rate, it’s an extremely gratifying thing and I’m glad I have it in my life.

In other news, I am employed. After 5 months of chucking my resume into an abyss, I got a job randomly through an acquaintance making a recommendation on my behalf. 3 days after said recommendation, I had a job offer. I’ve already been working a couple weeks and it feels so good bringing home a paycheck. It feels good not spending all day in my underwear mindlessly surfing LinkedIn for job ads and sending emails to people too busy to give a shit about me.

I’m bad at ending posts and I’m finding that the hardest part about writing poems is ending them as well. End internet post.


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