I’m a virile man,
And I’ll charm women,
I’ll woo them with swagger and honeyed words
I’ll make them laugh
And open their hearts and their legs

And it all feels like a charade,
I feel like a war veteran trying to forget an atrocity,
Or maybe I’m just trying to reincarnate you,
Like our humble narrator in “Lolita”

Every date is a search for that flaxen hair,
Those piercing eyes
And that fucking charm!
That fucking it that lights a fire in my soul
And makes me want to hold on and never let go

I haven’t found her,
I haven’t found my Lolita,
Who would rip poetry from my soul as you do,
Leaving single words of love dripping from the gaping wound

You are my Annabel,
You were my first love,
And you will always have me


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