Rag Doll

I am ill and have no salve nor tonic,
No solace for a heart worn by grief,
No reprieve for a soul crushed with regret,
I am but a plaything for Love,
A rag doll to be hurled around
By a petulant God,
Punishing Man for his hubris,
His gall to demand happiness,
An impudence unforgivable,
Punishable by a lifetime of
Emotional flagellation and damnation
Damnation, forsooth
Damn this bottomless heart,
Damn this burning blood it pumps,
Damn this undying fire,
Burning for a dead icon,
Like a dog bringing sticks to his master’s grave,

This fire burns almost to prove a point
With no regard for life,
Until it razes this body clean to the ground


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