Loving you is like
giving a eulogy
that never ends


“I’m yours now. You can do whatever you want to me.”
I didn’t even know what to say,
I never did,
I was still shocked you could want anything to do with me

You said you had hopes for us,
But what hope was there?
We had no direction, no plans,
We just plodded forward hoping this foundation we built could brave the trials of winter

I’ve read that soulmates can come together and apart just as easily,
A tragic scenario to be certain,
And if that’s the case,
What is a soulmate but a reminder that love is eternal agony?

I do still love you,
Love is,
It’s become like breathing,

I can’t even remember life before this,
What it was like to be absentminded,
The loveliness of ignorance,
Oh how I would gorge on its sweetbreads

But this is simply life now,
I live in flashbacks and moments,
I love ghosts and candied words,
And I drink the liquor of empty hopes

I am thankful for:
Every beautiful woman I’ve ever met,
Every one who laid in my bed,
Every woman who let me care,
Every burden they let me bear,
I’m thankful for every lesson learned
Thankful for every scar earned
I’m thankful for my only love,
A divine happenstance from above,
Who helped realize a burgeoning poet,
Who, criminally, didn’t even know it

a thousand little deaths


it has been a million eternities
and yet you still haunt me
weightlessly you tread through
the dark, almost forgotten rooms
avoided for so long
afraid to even test the doorknobs
for fear your misty silhouette
will find me, gasping for breath
no more anguished prayers
muttered desperately in shallow hours
release your grip from my heart
i will walk unhindered by your chains

ceg nov 2014

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You were love uncompromised, unadulterated,
You were the purest expression of the drug,
Before I tasted death on my tongue,
And before my heart learned despair,
Before inhibitions and walls were erected
Making love a feat as difficult as trying to go a day without flashbacks of us holding each other as if nothing else had ever made more sense than this moment right here

Why did you have to pull me in like this?
Why couldn’t you be like every other girl?
Benign? Impermanent?

You were untraditional, unorthodox,
You became air where there was none,
Water where there was only dust

And then you told me that you were sick,
And nothing brings two people in like illness,
All of a sudden everything changed

I’ve never felt like much of a father figure,
But Goddamnit you made me care like one,
Probably why it’s still so agonizing

And I’m still tasked with laughable ideas
Like “letting go” and “moving on”
And I know that there’s no alternative

There is no room for me in your life,
You’ve set sail for new waters,
And I’m simply left to drown

I haven’t dreamt of you in ages,
Yet last night you crept in,
The product of some subconscious fever

I wish you’d have the courtesy to keep your distance,
Because although I miss you the way gasoline misses spark,
I still remember the impact,
Broken glass crunching underfoot
And sirens wheeling away my innocence

I remember colors bleeding away to grayscale,
Like a black and white film morosely painting a plot
Where the actors simply grimace at each other
Over grievances unbeknownst to the audience,
The denouement arrives to show us a lone chalk outline,
Roll credits.

What if I ran when you told me to?
What if I hadn’t said no?
What if I had left you the way you left me?

And what if you weren’t the first girl?
Would I have loved you the same?
Would I still be bound and chained by this addiction?

I grew closer to you than anyone,
I sang to you on the phone before your surgery,
I straightened your hair when you couldn’t lift your shoulder

How do you reconcile this?
How do you rationalize it?
Or discard it?

I couldn’t always be there for you,
But I always tried,
Despite the distance,
I always tried