She’s in love,
So drenched in her bliss
And here you are clinging on,
With Tegan and Sara in the background

Life’s not fair, maybe,
Maybe it didn’t go as you liked,
Maybe you’re drinking,
Maybe this is what you get.

And maybe you’ll hold onto this hurt,
Maybe you won’t abandon hope,
Maybe you won’t snuff this flame,
Maybe you’ll just quietly ache

Man has suffered worse than this,
Even if it’s difficult to imagine,
Love is an agonizing fire,
It never stops burning

Beer still flows,
Wine still numbs,
Memories won’t disappear,
What’s another day?

What’s another song?
What’s another heart pang?
The heart’s a surprising agony engine,
Capable of rekindling pain from ashes

And I’ll keep entertaining new women,
Because new is still something,
It’s no replacement,
But at least I’m occupied

At least there’s potential,
At least love can be reborn,
At least I need not die,
At least I may live again


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