“I’m yours now. You can do whatever you want to me.”
I didn’t even know what to say,
I never did,
I was still shocked you could want anything to do with me

You said you had hopes for us,
But what hope was there?
We had no direction, no plans,
We just plodded forward hoping this foundation we built could brave the trials of winter

I’ve read that soulmates can come together and apart just as easily,
A tragic scenario to be certain,
And if that’s the case,
What is a soulmate but a reminder that love is eternal agony?

I do still love you,
Love is,
It’s become like breathing,

I can’t even remember life before this,
What it was like to be absentminded,
The loveliness of ignorance,
Oh how I would gorge on its sweetbreads

But this is simply life now,
I live in flashbacks and moments,
I love ghosts and candied words,
And I drink the liquor of empty hopes


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