I took an impromptu 4.6 mile walk today because fuck my legs, I guess. I walked through neighborhoods I’ve never been to. There’s something fun about trying to figure out where you are in relation to known streets and eventually finding your way home, because what’s the alternative? Being lost forever? Along the way, I came across a graveyard, so I decided to take a look. It was a poignant experience walking past all the graves. Oddly, I came across a patch of gravestones that seemed to indicate an Asian section. Many stones had Chinese names, but then there would be Vietnamese names peppered throughout.

I did a lot of thinking on that walk, which really is no different than any other second that I’m awake. My brain is exhausting. My soundtrack of choice was The Slim Shady LP, which I haven’t given a full listen for a while. It really is a gargantuan album. “Rock Bottom” is probably my favorite track. It’s a good Sunday.

Now the wolves become nothing more than sheep, we set flame to these apathetic dreams.


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  1. I love taking walks like that. Can completely relate to the feeling of losing track of where you are in a new place and meandering around until you find a familiar landmark again. Very enjoyable

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