Sometimes I wonder if you’ve gone through what I have,
Dating other people as a narcotic to numb the pain of missing an extension of your heart,
We’re all creatures fixated on the now,
And short term memory and the immediacy of orgasms prevail enough
So that Mrs. Right Now will do,
And maybe she’ll become Mrs. Right in time,
Maybe she’ll steal your heart,
Or maybe she never will
Maybe the heart can only be stolen in that first glance at feral eyes flashing with desire

All I do is explore mouths looking for answers,
Searching flesh for relief, however ephemeral
Oh how I hope you find this repugnant and foul,
How I hope you treasured each man like he was the last drop of water on Earth,
Of course I’m not naïve,
But I hope I meant as much as you made me believe


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