There was a dream last night. It was a sort of 2D videogame dream, something like Contra, where there’s a bandana’d badass with a machinegun running around. He was climbing the outside of a building, climbed through a window, and then the dream turned 3D and resembled the gameplay of Max Payne.

The guy ran in when suddenly, glass shattered and in ran a bunch of humanoid dogs armed to the teeth (pun lolol), and started shooting at him! He got behind cover and started shooting back, and that’s all I remember.

I get the Max Payne influence because I just got done with Max Payne 3 recently, and I guess dogs filtered because I am thinking about fluffy dogs on a regular Goddamned basis.

The neat thing about this dream was that I was spectating. Some dreams are like this. Usually I’m a participant. Neat stuff.

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