We knew it’d happen eventually


I thought this was what you wanted

A Day To Remember is definitely the band of the hour for me right now. I’m absolutely obsessed. Their song “Monument” has been getting consistent radio play for months and I always loved it, but I only recently started digging into the rest of their catalogue. What a fucking talented band. I started with their music videos the past week or so and have been listening to “I’m Made of Wax Larry, What Are You Made Of?” at least 10 times a day at work. And then I was driving home the other night when “Out Of Time” came on the radio and just broke my fucking heart. It’s also since been on repeat. I love that these guys can put out such catchy pop metal and put out such meaningful songs too.

How many loves have you put to rest?
How many fires have been extinguished?
I never knew someone could get so used to the smell of ashes
Fingers black with soot and shame
But practiced, so practiced
Malice? No, not malice
Simply routine by now
Shaking my head, I asked
“What did it feel like the first time your flame died?”