What is poetry
But an outlet for liars
To express their truth


Your genitals were in my mouth
You gasped and you groaned
Your genitals were in my mouth
Pulling my hair as you moaned

Your genitals were in my mouth
But I’ll never speak to you again
I’ve been taught well to
Dissociate readily with a grin

Your love letters forgot your scent with time
Dried ink, bereft of your essence
But as sure as these pages will yellow and curl
I will remember your enveloping perfume
I will remember your delicate fragrance
Deliberate, devastating
And I will remember everything you meant

I miss that which has long ceased to be
I’m sure you’re still beautiful
I know you are
But you’re not who I fell in love with
Not anymore
Time has done so much
Changed, gnarled, skewed

I wander through graveyards of dead memories
Fondly reminiscing warm hands, soft lips, radiant sunsets, cruise ships

We amass stories, experiences
We adapt and change
What is left of the person you were 3 years ago? 5? 10?

And so again I’m sorry
(I’ve learned the taste of that word well)
I’ve no idea who you are today
But I love you, whatever that means
However I can, I love you

Sever the limb
Cauterize the wound
Ties cut so easily
It’s over

File it away as a failure
Set your subject free
We are now recruiting!
Please form an orderly queue

“Move on,” you chant, “Let go!”
Fucking sociopath
Mental disasters are but another tremor
In your psyche shaken by olden quakes

And please don’t follow up
They’ve learned your tricks
They understand what forever means
And they impose the same on others

It’s nothing personal
Just science and trials
It’s always personal
Just psyches and lives

It could be so different
You and I could detonate
Set off a beautiful supernova
Blow it all away

We could rediscover each other in a new world
Build anew, break it down and start again
I would love you through the birth and death of stars
The cosmos would be ours to paint
It could be so different

Two tangled, disembodied souls consuming each other
Feeding each other and growing
A loving symbiosis rippling through space and time
It could be so different

Could you graph the path of my wrathful masochism?
Where would you end?
See I tend to forget the beginnings of it all,
Just this gruesome conclusion
This heinous collusion of chance and demons
An occlusion of vision
This endless derision of what I continue to hold so dear

And what if they made a movie of my narrowminded delusion?
A myopic biopic starring yours truly,
And duly shown for all to see real lunacy

“Love’s forever,” I says to me and
Forever can be as long as you want it to be

I didn’t write this, but I wish I did. Hauntingly beautiful words.

The velvet fog came after the sun wept her last rays
Shedding her tears for the night,
The night she’ll never see
The all-seeing eye, the dead light of luna
Watched as the gloom gently closed the flowers
But the ones I laid upon her
Stayed open to mourn my loss

The night air never hurt so deep
As it whispered praises of despair
To keep in this lonely heart

These fingers cut the wet flesh
Bleeding red rivers through my face
On my weak knees I wept, but death stayed there
Until I lost her to gloom, beauty and despair

Please open your eyes
Please don’t fade away
I won’t let you leave me
I’ll follow you through it all
Wherever it will lead me
I will follow

Deeper into the pain
Further away, for her
I step down to where tears remain
Over the frozen rivers
Through the land of the dead
Forever lost and bound in woe
Of my ropes of sorrow I wouldn’t let go
They hanged me to this place I fell
Alone and blind I travel in my hell
Forever and forever and forever alone

For all the things I’ve done
She was probably the one I hurt most
With words like daggers
And still I stagger from what I did

I’ll internalize this shame
Metabolize in vain
You see my brain won’t let me see another day
Without remembering
And all I do is pray you’re happy