Do you talk to your mother
about me when you drink?
Do whispering thoughts undulate
from your subconscious,
yearning to be heard?

Go on and carry me as your burden
I won’t say a word and
I’ll breathe in this sulfurous shame
And suffer the same
As I have for so long


I wanna kiss
the part of you
that still cares

the part that doesn’t
give a shit about time

the part that remembers
what it felt like
to burn

The thought of holding your hand nearly drove me to tears this morning
It was not the taste of your lips, nor the way your eyes pierced right through me,
A chain reaction of thoughts led me to the hopeless memory of simply clutching your hand as you drove along

You, you beautiful cancer, still pollute everything

This life has taught me that we are promised nothing,
Least of all that love will listen when you simply ask for it to stay

Every day a page is written in this outrageous book of life
It’s distressing how distressed these pages are

It doesn’t matter
So many stories are being written in parallel
Co-authors of love and destruction
Fucking and screaming

I would have created volumes with you
Libraries would have stood as monuments to us

But as it stands I’m just writing epitaphs to everything I’ve ever lost
And at what fucking cost
And it doesn’t matter
It doesn’t matter

It’s all in my head
And there it will die

The miles tick by
As the radio plays its tune
A wounded singer fades in and out
As verdant trees whip by

In time, the music tapers
Increasingly drowned by static
Volume turned up in desperation
A losing battle

Eventually the singer croons his last
Static having its way
Suddenly, a new voice rings
Unfamiliar, pleasant melodies

A new song beckons
Eager to please

Drink in these new sounds
Let your heart resonate
With these new vibrations
And leave sadness to the static

Your genitals were in my mouth
You gasped and you groaned
Your genitals were in my mouth
Pulling my hair as you moaned

Your genitals were in my mouth
But I’ll never speak to you again
I’ve been taught well to
Dissociate readily with a grin